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Issue: When I click on a product, I am redirected back to the login page.

Solution: Make sure your computer is set to accept cookies.

Issue: When I go to check out, the cart is empty.

Solution: Make sure you enter the products and check out all during the same session on the same day. Alternatively, you can create an account and login before placing the order. This will save the products in your cart and will not be device specific.

Issue: Credit or debit card is rejected.

Solution: Make sure your billing address is correct for your credit card. Most common error is an incorrect zip code. Also double-check your CVV code to make sure it is entered correctly.

Issue: I didn’t get an email confirmation after placing my order.

Solution: You may have a typo in your email address. Please call customer service to confirm your order was placed correctly.

Issue: I am getting errors when trying to checkout.

Solution: Make sure to have your credit card information available before clicking on the checkout link. For security reasons, you will typically have 20 minutes to complete the transaction.


Helpful Tips

Do everything in one session and do not close your browser until after you have checked out. 

If you close the browser and re-open it again later, you will not see anything in the shopping cart from your previous session. This will happen if your Internet settings are set to “Delete browsing history on exit.”

If you open one browser and add items to your cart, you will not see those items in the shopping cart if you try to access the site from a different browser.

The shopping cart has a 7-day expiration time.

If you add items to your shopping cart, close your browser, and wait more than 7 days to go back to the site, you will not see the items in your cart anymore. However, this may be less if your computer is set to delete cookies more frequently, like when closing the browser.

Make sure your browser is not set on privacy mode.

Your browser must be able to accept first party cookies in order for the system to operate correctly. 

The session cookie is used to identify the connection between your browser and the back-end system. If you don’t accept session cookies, you will be able to enter the event code for a store and see the products on the first page, but when you click on a product, you will be directed back to the main store page and the system will continue to ask for the event code.